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NFC(Near Field Communication) is a short-range contactless communication technology, which integrates the contactless induction, wireless communication and other technologies to enable the exchange of data between devices over about a 10 centimeter distance within a frequency band of 13.56 MHZ. At present, it can transmit data at speed of 106kbit/second—424kbit/second, which is expected to reach 1G/second in the future.
The operating system software of mobile payment iCOS NFC-SIM card is a kind of embedded software product independently developed by SCS, which performs functionalities related to mobile payment such as the electronic purse, electronic ticket, identity recognition and mobile advertising by means of integrating NFC and SIM and enables the mobile network operators and solution providers to better manage and control related businesses.
At present, the NFC-SIM can be used in financial and public transport and several other fields. With the popularization of mobile phones and the development of 3G, the contactless mobile payment will be the trend of the future in mobile payment.