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SCS supplies RFID-SIM auxiliary card readers to China Mobile
The "e-Pass" auxiliary card readers, which are the customized devices specially designed for the RFID-SIM card, can support communications between China Mobile's RFID-SIM cards and RFID-SIM readers. It is able to help users complete the card swiping operation in case their handsets come across malfunctions.
e-Pass can deliver normal power supply for RFID-SIM cards and open the RF channels of the RFID-SIM cards with instruction, thus to assist in completing the specific interaction process of mobile card swiping. In terms of physical structures, e-Pie adopts unique design to ensure that the RF distance complies with the local payment criteria.
  • Smart Card Connector:
    6 touching points-ISO location
    100,000 times of plug-in
    Contact touching points
  • Human-Machine Interface
     1 green LED, indicating the card's RF function
  • Dimension
     1 red LED, indicating working status and power supply of the cards 
  • Working Temp.
  • Cell Power Supply
     4 7# cells